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Last Day

Today is my last day at my current job! It's kind of weird, but good at the same time. I've had many different jobs that I've come and gone from, but this is the first one that when I was hired it was an indefinite thing, knowing I'd try and stay as long as I could.

Well sadly I can stay no longer! It is bittersweet, I've had many a complaint about this job in the last few months, but on the whole it's been not too bad. My co-workers (mainly my co-admins) were all great! Hope even made me coloured cupcakes for my last day. I'll for sure miss working downtown (though not the commute!). Being so close to the mall, and now with all the festive Christmas decorations it's so pretty! But the time has come for a change and so I hope it's for the better :)

I'm always nervous about starting a new job, status quo has always been a favourite of mine, but this change, seeing as I planned it myself, I have to be okay with it! I think it's just the idea of having to meet all sorts of new people, learn about the new company, and all the new tasks. Plus, think about how you really talk yourself up in the interviews and then now that your hired you actually have to be that awesome! Hopefully it won't be that much of a stretch for me ;) haha

Ultimately I know it's in God's hands!



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