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An Organization Station

While I was perusing Pinterest one day I came across this organizational board that someone had created. I love lists and charts and calendars and anything that is a visual that makes life (seem) easier :) so I was drawn to it right away. See the original Organization Board Tutorial by Girl Loves Glam here.

I didn't mimic it exactly though, so here is what I did!

Instead of making a board to hang on the wall I decided to utilize the side of our fridge and go magnetic.

The frames consist of:

1 8x10 Monthly Calendar

1 4x6 Menu Planner

1 4x6  To Do page
1 5x7 Cleaning schedule

More on the cleaning schedule: I find that cleaning house can be overwhelming at points (and I only live with my husband in a one bedroom condo - not that much to clean!), so this schedule eases my mind that I don't have to do everything in one shot, but spread it out over the week. 

The original creator provided printouts of the calendar, menu, and to do pages (plus more). The cleaning schedule I snagged the idea from here

BUT instead of printing those all out exactly I decided to create my own in Word so I could have ones for each season. (PDFs are found below)

As far as putting it all together it was fairly simple. I bought cheap frames from Dollarama and Target, plus some magnetic strips which I hot glued onto the backs*. We had the white board markers already as well as the basket to put them in. I also keep up a magnetic shopping list so I can add to it and tear it off when I go shopping.

Printables for each season:

And that's it! I hope you enjoy :) 

*They were dollar store magnets so they didn't stick on their own, using the hot glue made them so they're not necessarily flat. So that's why I have them all resting on each other and I have two heavy duty magnets underneath providing some support... a work in progress I suppose you could say!

Please note: This tutorial is for personal use only. Do not reproduce this to sell or pretend that you made any of it, please give proper credit when featuring elsewhere.



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