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The {Arm Knit} Infinity Scarf

Arm knitting has become all the rage lately and so last year I decided to give it a go. It's a fun twist to the traditional knitting with needles because you don't need anything other than two skeins of bulky yarn and your own two arms :) Plus you don't have to have former experience knitting, it's that easy!
There are claims that one can arm knit a scarf in 20-30 minutes! That's pretty incredible. But let me say it now, in my experience that's a bit of an optimistic time frame. I've learned that depending on the amount of yarn you've got (and for me who trys to watch TV at the same time) the total time will vary. However, I do find now that I've done it enough times I can knit one in about 30-40 minutes. Note that you do have to set aside this whole amount of time because with arm knitting you cannot pause to put it away and come back to it later like you can when you use needles.

There's not much more to say!

Instead of making my own 'how to' I've attached the video that I used to learn. It's 10 min, but thorough.

The {Arm Knit} Infinity Scarf
-2 balls of super bulky yarn  - I use Wool-Ease Thick & Quick that has 92yd/84m and it is enough that it wraps around loosely 2x or snugly 3x

-It's the exact same as knitting with needles, just imagine your arms are the needles!
-Double up the yarn and knit together one strand from each ball
-Cast on 12 stitches
-Knit until you've got about 2m of yarn left, cast off, and hand stitch it together.

Watch this video!

Just in time for a lovely crisp autumn! Happy knitting :)



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