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About Me

Hey, my name is Michelle. I'm a twenty-something Jesus following girl who's a wife, daughter, sister, and friend working and playing my way through life. 

~I am a Christian, I believe that it is in Jesus Christ that we find purpose and hope. He is my #1!

~My family is very dear to me - they are those who are with you through thick and thin, I am blessed to have a wonderful family!

~I'm an introvert, but one who loves to socialize with those who know me best. And I do have many wonderful friends, loyal and nourishing friendships that I am incredibly blessed by. 

~I love to see the best in others and situations. I love to encourage where I can, to show others how much God loves and cares for us. I also love it when I can make people laugh through my wit and cheesiness

~I find happiness in the small things like reading, knitting, hiking, snowshoeing, making online photobooks, baking, organizing, blogging, watching Netflix, and successfully completing projects I find on Pinterest!

~I live in Alberta but to be true I was born and raised a Saskatchewan girl!

~I currently work for a pipe manufacturing company as the Office Administrator. I've been there almost 2 years and it's going great!

~It may seem weird to hear I have no long term goals, I'm just doing my best to enjoy and live in the moment to the best of my ability! We don't know what God has in store for us tomorrow let alone 10 years from now so I believe it's in my best interest to seek his will in each situation and find what joy I can in each individual day. However in light of that maybe one day I'll be able to retire in Hawaii?!? :

I hope you enjoy perusing through my blog! I try to post each Friday, something from the week that does give me joy, such as a good hike, some yummy cookies, a new knitting pattern I've tried, or just a thought about something happy in life. I hope that whatever you find here will bring you some joy as well!