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I have a blog!

Well this is interesting! I started a blog...who's going to read it? I have no idea. But I'm doing it anyways! The idea came to me a few days ago that perhaps it would be fun. My husband Deniss had a blog when he first moved to Canada, I read through all his posts a while back and it was quite neat to have a peek into his life before I knew him :) See it here

I just think it will be fun to blog, I suspect I'll post all of my 'Pinterest activities' here. I love finding crafty and organizational tips from other bloggers there and trying them out myself. Being newly married (a few weeks away from 1 year) and having moved into my husbands place, it's been fun (for me, maybe not him haha) to put down some of my own roots and settle in to our place. I've organized the kitchen, made a life organization station, and am currently in the middle of putting up wedding pics as a gallery wall. But then there's also other things from pinterest like knitting scarves, making ring holders, baking and cooking, and much more to include! Lastly, you can count on me to post pictures of our cat Sherlock. He's so cute and Facebook has already seen their fair share of his fuzzy face.

In addition to all of that that I figure that because I don't journal like I used to, nor do I have a good memory perhaps writing a bit here will help me in the years to come! My life is by no means fascinating, nor necessarily what I have to say, and I can't imagine that this will stretch very far, but if only for my own pleasure then this blog will have served it's purpose!



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