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Why is Knitting the new Nintendo?

Where in the world did I come up with this as my blog name? I tried so many other options, all of them taken (clearly the better choices haha!) and then this one just popped into my head. I try so hard to be witty and clever sometimes, I feel so pressured to 'get it right' so that I can impress others, so I tried really hard to come up with the perfect blog name, but in the end does it really matter what others think? I think that this represents me fairly well so I went with it.

I love Nintendo. My love for Nintendo started with the oldest and most classic game system and games such as Dr. Mario, Duck Hunt, and so many more. They were always my brother's, but by the time I hit elementary school I was hooked! One summer my best friend and I, two jr. high girls, beat all the levels of Donkey Kong on the '64 over the course of a week out at her cabin. As a teen and young adult the Wii had me hooked on Mario Kart and Just Dance (not so much a standard video game I know) and others. Whether playing with friends or family video games were a nice mindless way to set aside the stresses of life and just have fun!

But now... I knit!
I learned how to knit back in high school when a few friends from youth group got together and created a group called...wait for it... S.O.U.L Sisters (stitches of united love!). Our plan was to knit scarves and other items to donate to shelters in the city. It was fun to get together on a somewhat weekly basis for approx. a year, but being new to the knitting world I didn't get very far very fast and only knitted one scarf in that span of time. We didn't continue our group however, and my love for knitting faded, but a few years later it's back! I'm by no means very good at it, but I enjoy it, and I am getting better. I've only knitted scarves, and simple ones at that, but I try different variations of sizes and styles. My sister is a bigger knitter than I and can do baby booties, socks and much more, but I'm becoming more adventurous and perhaps one day I'll attempt something else :) I find knitting (the simpler things anyways) relaxing and enjoyable, plus I can do it while I watch TV or chat with someone. I even bring it with me to work to knit on my lunch break! If only I could knit and play Wii at the same time...

I am a dork I know, but I embrace it!



  1. Brilliant you!
    You make the world beautiful in and of yourself, but now putting yourself into fabric and frame and photographs you're making a lasting impression in a personal way that makes a difference.

  2. Thanks so much Kathryn :) Your encouragement means a lot!