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Count Your Blessings

I call it the 'happy jar'.

I saw this idea that someone had re-posted on Facebook at the beginning of the new year.

The idea is that whenever you have a memorable moment, something happy happens around you, small or large, you write it on a piece of paper and add it to the jar. Then on New Year's next year you open it up and read about all the good things that happened in your life over the past year.

I love this idea because similar to my cue card calendar, it's a great way to remember the little things that you may not otherwise recall. And especially with this jar you are remembering the blessings and extra positive things that may get lost amidst the busyness and stresses of everyday life!

So far it's only been one month and I haven't added that many, not sure if that's because there haven't been that many good things (let's hope not) or I just need to be more generous in adding even the littlest moments (likely as those are the ones you forget over time...).

What would you put in your happy jar today?



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