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Cue Card Calendar

Do you enjoy looking back in time?
Is being crafty a challenge for you?
Do you have a bad memory?
Do you agree with the phrase: "the simpler the better!"
Is your life so exciting that you want to remember everything you do, everyday, forever (or do you just like to be reminicent)?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the project for you! This is the project for you! (did I already say that?)

Discovered on Pinterest, this is the cue card calendar!

All you need:
-a writing utinsel
-366 cue cards (maybe keep the extras in case you need a replacement)
-a small box/tin

All you do:
-Everyday, write down the most memorable or exciting thing that you did/happened.

And that's it!!

I love it because for one I do not have a good memory and so every day as I write down something for the day I can see what happened exactly a year ago and it's really neat! I think it will be a great keepsake in the years to come :)  I started ours on our wedding day and so I'll have a record of most everything through our married years.

*You will have to put the date on each individual cue card, but it's easiest to do that everyday for the first year and then you won't have to after that. 



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