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Wardrobe Woes

It's time... it's been plaguing me for a while, I need to do something about my closet. I've got way to much and yet not enough. So I'm taking action! I've found a couple of minimalism fashion blogs which both have tons of great info on how to have great style with less.

It was actually last summer that I came across the concept of the 'capsule wardrobe'. It's basically a closet filled with a limited amount of items (for example 37 - all inclusive of tops, coats, bottoms, and shoes). The idea is that you will have less to choose from, but all pieces that you love - the 'less is more concept. When I came across it I was so convinced I wanted to try it, but when I actually started to empty my closet I got extremely overwhelmed and discouraged because of the sheer amount of clothes I had and how many I'd have to wade through and choose only a few. (Sad I know, first-world problem...) So I didn't end up creating a capsule wardrobe then, but I did purge bags and bags of items which I donated and that felt good.

This is a fresh year however and I have a new determination to do this. I've done more research and am going to start slow to ease into the idea of a smaller wardrobe. Currently I'm doing a 2 week program to kick start the upgrade. Through this process I'm looking to identify better my own personal style, learn how to shop better and more intentionally, and eventually pair down the number of clothes I own. I'm not going to provide you details on how to do this because I'm not the expert, but as I go I may update you on my progress :) Like me, if you are having wardrobe woes, do check out these blogs, I'm sure you can find something of use there. I have! Also follow my Fashion Things Pinterest page, where I'm pinning the articles I'm finding the most beneficial and interesting. Happy Friday!


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