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Making the most of a long commute

Confession: I'm hooked on podcasts... so it's nothing bad :) I have a fairly lengthy commute to and from work everyday and so it's nice to listen to something other than the same ol' same ol' radio all the time!

There's a few different podcasts that I listen to. A couple of years ago I started subscribing to Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast. They have new ones every day so it's hard to keep up, but then when I do listen I can pick the one I feel is most relevant or interesting sounding to me. FOTF covers all sorts of topics from light-hearted nutrition tips to tough conversations about human trafficking and more, all with the wisdom of the Bible and God at the forefront of it. They have different guests on the show each time that make it engaging and entertaining. Plus they share personal stories and lessons others have learned. I enjoy these quite a bit!

More recently I have gotten into a couple of podcasts I'd heard of through CBC radio. The first is called Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids. Let me tell  you, if you ever need a flashback to your childhood and/or need a good laugh this is 25 min well spent. It's created from a live open mic show that happens across Canada throughout the year. My friend and I went to the one when they were in Calgary and it was a hoot! Essentially it is what the title says. People read stuff they wrote in their childhood days, mostly journals, but some school work or letters, and creative writing too. Some of it can be serious or scandalous, but most is downright funny! I haven't dug up any of the things from my childhood writing yet, but I should, and maybe, just maybe next time they are in town for a show I'll sign up to read :)

The other CBC podcast I enjoy is called This is That. It is described in the info section of the podcast as "a current affairs program that doesn't just talk about the issues, it fabricates them". Someone flipping channels on the radio might tune in for a moment and wonder how this news could possible be true, and that's because it isn't! It is quite humorous and can be so far fetched it's absolutely ridiculous, yet very enjoyable. Each 30min podcast is made up of about 4 'interviews', everything from a woman who sells invisible art, to an Albertan town who is inventing their own accent, to a woman who is petitioning for new puppy maternity leave. The unfortunate part about this podcast is that they are not making new episodes in 2015 yet so what's available is only that from the fall of 2014. Regardless, it's still a great show and I highly recommend it!

What podcasts do you listen to? None? Well try one of these, in my opinion, you can't go wrong :)

Happy listening and safe driving!



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