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Surprise Date Adventures

Most people know that once you're married the 'dating' ends. You've both got rings on, the paper's are signed, and you're living together, what more is there to pursue right?! Wrong!

You've read all the articles, seen and heard people talk about the idea that dating isn't supposed to end once you're married. You have to keep the love alive by proactively and intentionally seeking out ways to connect with your spouse. The person you married yesterday will not be exactly the same person in 10, 30, or 50 years from now. As we age we grow in our opinions, experiences, and appearances and though ideally we remain the same at the core, it should be obvious that we will be different to some extent. Have you had your defining moment yet: "I sound like my mother/father!" Bet you never dreamed that would be you :) That said, when you stop attempting to continually learn what makes your significant other tick, you will get left behind!

One way not to let that happen is DATE NIGHT!

Deniss and I don't have a regular date night set, but for now our schedules are pretty flexible and so we do okay. He's better at planning them for us, but this time I took on the challenge!

I got the idea from Focus on the Family when I Googled 'date night ideas'. Check out that page here, there's tons!

This one is called "Surprise Date Adventures"

1) Consider a few things:
-How much time do you have?
-How much $ do you want to spend?
-How much driving are you up for (this is Calgary after all!)
-Where can you go in that amount of time and for that amount of $?

2) Once you have 3 or more places you'd like to go, write them on cue cards and seal them in individual envelopes to keep them a secret!

3) Let your spouse choose one at a time and go where it tells you.

4) Have a great time!

-I put the address instead of the name so that it made for an extra surprise! I also put a little 'clue' for extra fun!
-I added some cash to each envelope so the cost is covered!
-I tried to be crafty and add some sticker's for fun, but that's about as creative as I get haha :)

For our adventure we ended up at Starbucks (not just any - our first date Starbucks), then Ikea for dinner (an old time favorite where we used to 'meet in the middle'), lastly we went to Petland to look at the fish and kittens (a rare, but fun past time). Clearly nothing fancy, but it doesn't have to be!
We were supposed to do one more (Pies Plus - because Deniss LOVES pie), but to my dismay they closed at 6pm (who does that!?) which I found out in the car on our way to destination #1. TIP: plan more than a day in advance! However, maybe it was for the better as we were pretty full at the end anyways. Should've added a trip to the gym as a destination :)
mmm sweedish meatballs!

So cute!

And that was that! It was a short, full, and fun evening out with my hubby and I think that he enjoyed himself as well. All in all a great date night :)
This little guy was totally smiling at us!



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