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Watson aka our new floor sweeping robot

Confession: we have a problem. A big problem... DUST!

Arg! I hate it! It's all over our house and with the amount of windows and light shining in, you can see it everywhere and on everything!

It was a big problem before we had our cat Sherlock, but even more so afterwards with the amount that he sheds. We tried to sweep/vacumm and dust regularly, but it gets tiresome because the majority of our condo is hard floors.

Deniss kept telling me how he wanted one of those robotic vacuums, but I wasn't convinced. However, after Christmas we were out shopping on boxing day and he just couldn't resist :) (Ironically we didn't buy it on sale, but I don't even care!)

The one we bought isn't a vacuum though, it's just a simple robotic sweeper. It's small, rechargeable, basically silent, and operates at the simple push of a button. You attach the included microfibre cloth on the bottom and the pet hair and dust is attracted to it like a magnet. It has three different settings for a quick sweep, thorough sweep (corners and along baseboards), and a wet mopping. It also runs off of a small GPS box that ensures it covers 100% of the room so it's very thourough! The only downside might be that you have to pick the dust and hair off the cloth afterwards (Thank you Deniss for always doing that!!), but you kind of have to do that with a broom anyways so it's all the same.

I LOVE IT! We let Watson run a day and the dust is reduced so significantly it makes me happy.

The brand is Mint, but we call it Watson (because we're dorks like that).

Problem Solved!



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