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Wardrobe Woes - Closet Assistance

Just a couple of months ago I started on a journey of consolidating my wardrobe. It was stressful at the beginning, but since then has been so wonderful! One of the reasons why I'm so happy with it is this app that I downloaded called Stylebook. It's a tool to help the user get the most out of what you have in your closet. I was hesitant to buy it at first because I don't typically get apps that aren't free, but I went for it and am extremely happy with my choice :)

Essentially what you do with the app is take pictures of each item in your closet (some work required yes - but it's worth it!) and you categorize them as seen in the screen shot below. This initial step can be a wake up call in how many items you actually have!

The next step is the fun part and I actually do this every day still as it's an ongoing process. It's creating 'looks' which is organizing your pieces into what you'd wear together. This is what helps you be creative with your wardrobe, the options become endless when you do this! It's an amazing visual tool and you'll never have to ask "what should I wear today?" again!

I have a folder for 'Day', 'Work', and 'Day and Work' looks for those that could go either way.

Have you ever wondered where those Pinterest looks come from? I bet this is one place! I feel so stylish :)

My absolute favorite part about the app and the feature that was my main draw to it is the calendar. Once you have looks created you can add them to your calendar and track what you wore and when you wore it. You don't have to put items in as a look though, you can also pop in individual pieces. It's also a great visual for me and has given a new perspective about how often I actually wear certain items. I think this will help me be able to create an even smaller capsule wardrobe next round knowing that I can really only wear so many clothes in one month!

The Style Stats is also a fun feature because once you've put items in the calendar it tells you which you wear the most and the least and many other things, I love it!

And last from me, but not nearly it for the app, you can tap on an individual item in your virtual closet for all the details you need to know about it (if you enter them), but as the picture below shows, and what I find noteworthy, is to see the last time I wore it.

That's a really simple and quick run down of the Stylebook App from my perspective. It has so many more features that I haven't even tapped into yet, but am already very satisfied with what I've gotten out of it so far. No more wardrobe woes for me!

Happy styling!



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