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A Framed Ring Holder

I wear my wedding bands 24/7...except when I take them off to sleep and apply lotion (I can hear Deniss in the background saying "the lotion industry thanks you!"). I used to keep my wedding and and engagement ring in the ring box they came in, until one day I'd opened and closed it one to many times and it broke. I do have a jewelry box that I could put them in, but it just didn't seem right to dump them with the rest of my regular bling.

And then one lovely day I came across this idea on Pinterest! See the original tutorial by clicking here!

It's the simplest and one of my favorite 'crafts' that I've done yet.

All you need is:
-small frame about 3x5 (I got mine at Michael's with a 40% off coupon so it was about $3)
-small piece of cardboard to place in the back for the pin to stick through
-a 'nice' pin
-lace as the original pinner used or what I did is a print out of wedding vows, or something to personalize it to you (even a picture would work) to cover the cardboard.
*and assemble...when I put the pin through the cardboard I bent it slightly and taped it down so you can close the back. it's all pretty self explanatory.

It is so easy to make and now I always know where my rings are when I take them off and it makes for a nice decor piece on my dresser as well!



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