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"On This Winter's Night"

Lady Antebellum is one of my favorite musical groups! They are country (which I know is a turn off for some), but not the twangy kind that non-country fans might imagine when you hear the word 'country'! They have both male and females vocals with lovely harmonies that are music to my ears (pun intended) when I hear their songs :)

Last Christmas they released an album called: "On This Winter's Night" with many traditional Christmas songs, but an original by them as well, which is the namesake of the album.

I heard it again for the first time this season as I made my trek to work and was reminded of this lovely song. What caught my attention this time however, was the last verse. So many times I can listen to a song and even sing along, but never really 'hear' what it's saying. This time I did :)
The last verse says:

The wise men heard the angels sing 
Hymn-like soft and low
The king became a child a long long time ago
And the child became a king 
So the whole wide world will know
What Christmas really is

I can just hear the tune in my head and my co-workers around me are lucky I don't start singing out loud! (don't worry, I'm on lunch as I write this).
The words are stated so simply and yet so full of meaning and truth. I hope that others that hear this song hear the lyrics as clearly as I did this morning and are able to stop and think about what they really mean! 

I don't think we can remind ourselves often enough that Jesus is what Christmas is all about. In such a fast paced culture and a materialistic society it's easy to get caught up in the 'holidays', shopping in a frenzy, attending innumerable festive events, going to church on Christmas Eve, then rushing home to open presents (guilty!). Sometimes it really takes an effort to slow down and be conscious or our reason for celebration everyday, and not just on the day. Feels redundant? Possibly. Necessary? Absolutely! :) 

And that's my plug for Lady A and Baby Jesus...

Happy (early) Christmas!

p.s. still reading and have an extra 4 minutes? Take a listen to the song!



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