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Marriage Tips!

I was on the Focus on the Family website yesterday and on the home page there was a link that said: 'this week's marriage tip' with a little tip underneath. It seemed interesting enough so I clicked it to see more.

*I hope you didn't think I was actually going to give marriage advice haha! That would be interesting... :)

See the page here!

Wow! There is a pleathera of tips to be had there. From categories such as spiritual, holidays, conflict, and fun to name a few. I couldn't even read them all at once without scrolling down and being overwhelmed.

Being so newly married I'll take as much advice as I can, and it's especially valuable to me when it's Godly advice. I love Deniss so much and I want the best for our marriage!

It's no secret that relationships can be hard at times. We are all made so uniquely and understanding each other and how to communicate with each other is enough work to take more than a life time. But when you try it's worth it!

'They' say it's better to take measures to be preventative so you don't need a prescription right? (or something along those lines) Maybe one of these tips is just what you need today :) 



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