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Meet Sherlock

Last April we had some friends over for dinner. At one point our conversation turned to cats because they had a kitten of their own. A few days later I was sent a link to a Kijiji ad for kittens and I was hooked!

We looked around for Siamese specifically because that is what Deniss wanted and not long after that original dinner (maybe a matter of weeks) we brought this little guy home!

He's actually 1/2 Siamese and 1/2 Ragdoll. It's perfect because we have the look we want and the characteristics we want! The Ragdoll breed tend to be very relaxed and easy going and so far Sherlock is that! Though another feature to the Ragdoll, from what I know, is their size. In the last 8 months Sherlock has already tripled in size and of course part of me wishes he would be teeny again, but he's so lovable and still very handsome for a cat!



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